WeLkUm AbOaRd BaYbE!1!

KnOw Me BeTtA!1!
Haii!1! Mai name iz venuz but i assume chu already know dat x3
Im 15 which means im a minor so no weird stuff puhleaze!!
anywayz, i liek drawin furriez, humanz somtiems and feralz,
my art style varies and idk how 2 stay wit jus one so keep that in mind if u decide 2 follow me xD i do traditional furst then
i draw digitally on my laptop and i mostly use mspaint but for advanced shadin ig i use paint tool sai, anywayz enuff small talk lez talk abt wut i liek!1! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

i LUV fnaf, dayshift at freddy's, ADVENTURE TIME <3, regular show, flapjack, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, gravity fallz, teh amazing world of gumball, BLOCKHEAD <3, madnezz combat <3, invader zim, helluva boss, minecraft, salad fingerz, horror+slasher moviez, kandi+perlers, sparkledogz, webcore, clowncore, weirdcore, creepypasta and old web.

Thatz all i can remembr fur now. xD

these r bandz, artistz and muzik genres i luv:

Mr.weebl, THE DESTROYER, mother mother, lemon demon, S3RL, jack staubr, CAUSTIC <3, ayesha erotika, foxdye, futret, MSI <3, mcr, skrillex, korn, ke$ha, avril lavigne, millionaires, 3OH!3, bob the builder, m1dy, pianoid, goreshit, the garden, system of a down, botdf ok thatz enuff artizts. as u kan c i liek anythin loud or goofy cuz thatz my whole personality xD



MaI bIg FaT sTaMp CoLlEcShUn!1!